About Codesadda

Codesadda.com is the outcome of a small group of people's hard work. Our aim is to provide coding examples, tutorials, video tutorials of various programming languages such as C, C++, Python, Java etc. Our mission is to help young talent boost their programming skills.

About Code & Earn Program

Contribute code and earn money. CodesAdda is giving you an opportunity to earn money while you learn. Every month top contributors will get paid and every contributor's name will be published along with code. The amount may vary depending on hardness of the code.

  • Codes should not be copy pasted fron any other website
  • Codes should be properly syntaxed
  • Proper Title and Description should be given
  • Output screen shot should be given in proper dimensions
  • You can compile, run and take screenshots from onlinegdb.com


If you are among the top contributors of the month, we will contact you within 10th of subsequent month. Your codes will be manually reviewed by our team.

The mode of payement will be any one of Paytm, Google Pay or Paypal (for International entry).

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