A Step Ahead With Microsoft Dynamics CRM

By Dhiraj Bezbaruah | June 8, 2022, 9:33 a.m.

With the considerable number of CRM software circulating in the market nowadays, it’s difficult to choose one that fits all the basic requirements of a good application: it must have a short learning curve, a clean interface and it must be versatile.

It’s almost impossible to pick out the best in the industry because each one declares that they are the epitome of CRM solutions. But one must go back to the fundamentals and choose a CRM that has brand recognition and experience in the field, and The Microsoft Dynamics CRM fulfills these requirements with aplomb and definitely gets the job done.


What sets it apart?

A guiding philosophy of this application is the "360° Customer View", which basically gets into the heart and soul of CRM: catering and wooing the consumers. Not only is the application a backdrop for a management team’s creative prowess, but it is also a toolkit wherein every facet of the target market’s psychology is studied: how shall we sell the idea?

Is it effective if we present it in a specific medium (internet/face-to-face)? What are the precursors to the current demands? Are there patterns? Questions will flow naturally during one’s research ensuring that the best possible ideas are made or the wittiest pitch conceivable is thought of. This service-oriented architecture immediately warms up the executive for his/her daily grind.

Even though Microsoft Dynamics gives the entrepreneur or manager plenty of options to approach the consumer, it does not compromise the application’s learning curve.

One, the program integrates well with familiar Microsoft applications like MS Office, Access, and Outlook, saving the company time and resources in training seminars and workshops. And second, data creation and transfer is dealt with handily by the signature Report Wizard option and the standard templates for marketing packages available in the program. With these two conveniences in place, the company is already assured of higher productivity with less cost.


From the myriad yet familiar configuration tools and the Microsoft Development Kit (SDK), the features of Microsoft Dynamics prove that it is for keeps. First is the extensible workflow model, wherein the web-based feature allows users to share work practices with colleagues and executives. Furthermore, the system workflow libraries make these models easy to find and store.

Next is where clients are catered to individually by drop-down fields in the application, ensuring that important notes are taken on the spot without the hassle of shuffling through different windows in the program.

Security and confidentiality of information is an important aspect of any CRM application, and Microsoft is top-notch in theirs. It allows proper delegation of records and objects to certain teams and/or individuals, and each of them only sees specific windows that are only relevant to them and no one else in the team. This improves trust between the leader and his/her subordinates and veers away from any squabbles that might hamper a team’s progress.


Clean, secure, versatile yet easy to use: these traits characterize the Microsoft Dynamics CRM, which is definitely a cut above the rest of the pack, which usually offers imbalanced features: high on features but low on efficiency and vice-versa. Microsoft is perfectly balanced in every aspect and is definitely tough to overtake in the CRM solutions industry.

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