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JavaScript - Caesar cipher
JavaScript - Cash Register
JavaScript - Check If a String is Palindrom
JavaScript - Convert the given number into a roman numeral
JavaScript - Telephone Number Validator
JavaScript - Check if a value is classified as a boolean primitive
JavaScript - Write a function that splits an array and returns them as a two-dimensional array
JavaScript - algorithm to convert from Celsius to Fahrenheit
JavaScript - Return the factorial of the provided integer
JavaScript - Remove all falsy values from an array
JavaScript - Check if a string ends with the given target string
JavaScript - Return an array consisting of the largest number from each provided sub array
JavaScript - Return the length of the longest word in a sentence
JavaScript - Mutations
JavaScript - Repeat String
JavaScript - Reverse a string
JavaScript - Capitalize First letter
JavaScript - Truncate a string
JavaScript - Find the first element in the array that passes a truth test
JavaScript - copy each element of the first array into the second array
JavaScript - Return the lowest index at which a value should be inserted into an array
JavaScript - DNA Pairing
JavaScript - HTML Entities
JavaScript - Create a function that sums two arguments together
JavaScript - Binary Agents
JavaScript - Difference of two arrays
JavaScript - Remove array element
JavaScript - Check Truthy of an Array
JavaScript - Array
JavaScript - Find the missing letter
JavaScript - Pig Latin - Alter English Word
JavaScript - Replace Word of a Sentence
JavaScript - Remove Array elements that are of the same value as given arguments
JavaScript -Find the smallest common multiple of a provided parameters
JavaScript - Write a function that takes two or more arrays and returns a new array of unique values
JavaScript - Convert a string to spinal case
JavaScript - Flatten a nested array
JavaScript - Sum of All Numbers in a Range
JavaScript - Sum of All Odd Fibonacci Numbers
JavaScript - Sum of All Prime Numbers
JavaScript - Return Matching Name and Value From an Array
JavaScript - Make A Person

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