HackerRank Python - Collections.namedtuple()

Basically, namedtuples are easy to create, lightweight object types.
They turn tuples into convenient containers for simple tasks.
With namedtuples, you don’t have to use integer indices for accessing members of a tuple.

  1. # Enter your code here. Read input from STDIN. Print output to STDOUT
  2. from collections import namedtuple
  3. n = int(input())
  4. fields = input().split()
  5. total_marks = 0
  6. for _ in range(n):
  7. students = namedtuple('student', fields)
  8. MARKS, CLASS, NAME, ID = input().split()
  9. student = students(MARKS, CLASS, NAME, ID)
  10. total_marks += int(student.MARKS)
  11. print('{:.2f}'.format(total_marks / n))


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