HackerRank Python - Decorators 2 - Name Directory

Let's use decorators to build a name directory! You are given some information about N people. Each person has a first name, last name, age and sex. Print their names in a specific format sorted by their age in ascending order i.e. the youngest person's name should be printed first. For two people of the same age, print them in the order of their input.

  1. import operator
  2. def person_lister(f):
  3. def inner(people):
  4. return map(f, sorted(people, key=lambda x: int(x[2])))
  5. return inner
  6. @person_lister
  7. def name_format(person):
  8. return ("Mr. " if person[3] == "M" else "Ms. ") + person[0] + " " + person[1]
  9. if __name__ == '__main__':
  10. people = [input().split() for i in range(int(input()))]
  11. print(*name_format(people), sep='\n')

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