HackerRank- Python Text Alignment

Problem 8:

You are given a partial code that is used for generating the HackerRank Logo of variable thickness.
Your task is to replace the blank (______) with rjust, ljust or center.

  1. #Replace all ______ with rjust, ljust or center.
  2. thickness = int(input()) #This must be an odd number
  3. c = 'H'
  4. #Top Cone
  5. for i in range(thickness):
  6. print((c*i).rjust(thickness-1)+c+(c*i).ljust(thickness-1))
  7. #Top Pillars
  8. for i in range(thickness+1):
  9. print((c*thickness).center(thickness*2)+(c*thickness).center(thickness*6))
  10. #Middle Belt
  11. for i in range((thickness+1)//2):
  12. print((c*thickness*5).center(thickness*6))
  13. #Bottom Pillars
  14. for i in range(thickness+1):
  15. print((c*thickness).center(thickness*2)+(c*thickness).center(thickness*6))
  16. #Bottom Cone
  17. for i in range(thickness):
  18. print(((c*(thickness-i-1)).rjust(thickness)+c+(c*(thickness-i-1)).ljust(thickness)).rjust(thickness*6))


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